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The British Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME (BACME) is a multidisciplinary organisation which exists to promote and support the delivery of evidenced based treatment for children, young people and adults with CFS/ME throughout the UK.

It is a voluntary organisation that is open to all UK-based health professionals and researchers involved in the diagnosis and/or treatment of CFS/ME using evidence-based practice. If you want to network with other professionals, come and join us.

New - BACME Therapy and Symptom Management Guide

CFS/ME services in the NHS are staffed by a range of health professionals, including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, dieticians, and doctors. BACME has developed a practical checklist/toolkit and guide for the treatment of CFS/ME that can be used by all of these professionals. We did not want to produce another long guidance document, because these exist already! Instead, we wanted a practical clinical treatment summary, incorporating existing tools and methodologies. Our aims were to bring together specialists from different services/professions who work with adults and children who have CFS/ME, and to develop a consensus approach to broader treatment. This includes existing documents, e.g. CBT competencies, NICE guidance, and PACE trial findings, together with new content, e.g. medications for symptom management. The approach has been based on clinician expertise, patient experience and the best available evidence, and is free to download:

BACME Guide: Therapy and Symptom Management in CFS/ME