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BACME was formed in October 2009 following the merger of the CFS/ME Therapists Network and the Clinical Network Co-ordinating Centres National Collaborative. The aim of these networks was to encourage health professionals to share and develop clinical practice in the assessment and treatment of CFS/ME. BACME aims to support professionals from any discipline and across any area of health in the UK in improving care for people with this debilitating condition.


  • To champion evidence-based approaches to the treatment of CFS/ME, such as those provided in the NICE guidelines 
  • To provide a forum for the monitoring and dissemination of new evidence for the management of CFS/ME as it emerges 
  • To advocate for excellence in the provision of, and for equity of access to, clinical services for children, young people and adults with CFS/ME 
  • To support the delivery of services and to enable services to maintain standards of care in the treatment of CFS/ME as set out in the NICE guidelines 
  • To use clinical expertise and evidence to influence and inform healthcare policy 
  • To promote, facilitate and provide training for clinicians and researchers from all disciplines involved in the diagnosis and treatment of CFS/ME 
  • To foster research collaborations and communication between clinicians, researchers, professional bodies and charities 
  • To facilitate patient involvement in the development of evidence-based services and to promote patient centred care. To foster co-operation and collaboration with teams, charities and individuals that share these principles 
  • To encourage and facilitate the systematic and rigorous audit, benchmarking and evaluation of CFS/ME assessment, treatment and services.

For further information please read the BACME Constitution

Becoming a Member
Membership of the British Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME (BACME) is open to all UK-based healthcare professionals and researchers involved in the diagnosis and/or treatment of CFS/ME using evidence-based practice.

Members should: 

  • Be located in the United Kingdom 
  • Deliver or support evidence-based treatment, directly, through clinical services or via research 
  • Regularly attend, provide or support the provision of training to enhance the service they offer to people with CFS/ME 
  • Support local services to deliver effective treatment that is consistent with NICE guidelines or updated best available evidence 
  • Promote and support audit and evaluation among CFS/ME services including encouraging the use of available tools (such as the minimum data set) to benchmark services 
  • Support research for patients with CFS/ME.

Members of BACME will be invited to the Annual General Meeting which may be arranged prior to a conference or other event. When you become a member your contact details will be added to a national distribution list to enable you to receive information about training events and on-going developments.

Applying for membership
If you want to become a member please complete the membership application form.

Executive Members

Members of BACME are represented by an executive committee. The Committee includes a Chair, Deputy Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, who are nominated from the Executive Members.