Who are we?

The British Association for CFS/ME (BACME) is a multidisciplinary organisation for UK professionals who are involved in the evidence-based management of patients with CFS/ME. Registration for our national conference BACME2018: Changing Times is now OPEN: Follow the Upcoming Events link at the top right!

Our purpose

BACME exists to promote and support the delivery of evidence-based treatment for children, young people, and adults with CFS/ME in the UK.

Why join us?

NOW OPEN: Registration for BACME2018. Follow the Upcoming Events Link above. Additional Information on the registration page includes information about the venue and our programme flyer.
Members receive reduced rates for this conference, and have access to training, bursaries, and an online forum.




BACME is an organisation for CFS/ME health care professionals. If you are seeking help for yourself or someone in your family, please contact your nearest specialist CFS/ME service or ask your GP for a referral. You can also find advice and help through patient support groups.



Specialist services affiliated with BACME follow evidence-based approaches to improve outcomes in CFS/ME.

NICE guidelines

The NICE guidelines are due to be updated. More information can be found here.

BACME resources

BACME have produced a guide to therapy and symptom management, which can be downloaded here.